Alternative, Rock, Indie
From: Nordfjordeid, Norway

Band Members

  • Alex - Singer/Songwriter
  • Andy - Drums'n'Perc
  • Basse - Guitars
  • Bob - Bass

About Band

Treat's goal is to try and serve alternative rock in a way people aren't normally used to. Find a caseroll, throw in some catchy & melodic vocals, a bunch of effects, awesome riffs and a helluva live show - and you've got yourself a "Treat" - pun intended :p (BWAHAHA) The band consists of four random young guys (lex, bob, andy and basse) that live in the middle of nowhere on the westcoast of norway, trying to mix up different exciting genres and musical impressions that satisfy the tastes of many - we like to believe. It isn't easy to be rockers in an amazingly small town in cold, fjordy Norway, but still our dream wishes to be realized.. After spending all our cash on the four songs you can listen to here, we're finally ready to project our self-born image to the hungry audience of rock and whatnot, and combine raw energy with a musical dhiarroea between weird heavypoprock and alternative indie, in the likes no one have ever seen before - like, hopefully. Please comment our material! Be nice now folks, and rock hard'n'plenty. Enjoy!

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