Folk, Indie, Rock
From: Austin, TX, United States

Band Members

  • Danny Cohen - Vocals, Guitar, Piano
  • Maurice Chammah - Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Violin, Mandolin
  • Dylan Blanchard - Drums, Pump Organ, Banjo
  • Jacob Krell - Bass, Electronics
  • Nick Gregg - Cello

About Band

Tristero was conceived by Maurice Chammah and Danny Cohen in late 2004 as an outlet for material more serious than the songs they performed with their former band, Swingin' Charlie.

Tiring of training new musicians at every show, Danny and Maurice soon extended the membership to include Dylan Blanchard on drums, Jacob Krell on bass, and Nick Gregg on cello.  Based in Austin, Texas, the band is frequently joined by guest vocalists and musicians, which in the past have included brass and strings.

As reflected by the material on their 2006 EP A Miracle is Another World’s Intrusion into this One, Tristero performs the songs of both Chammah and Cohen, distinct songwriters who have managed to achieve a unified sound through lush instrumentation.  Blanchard’s solid drumming and the two-tiered low end of Krell and Gregg are crucial contributions. 

 A Miracle… is the product of the band’s hard work, a project which has taken a year to bring from conception to mastering.  The six songs on the record are loosely based on Thomas Pynchon’s short novel The Crying of Lot 49, from which the band also draws its name, and traverse the musical boundaries of pop rock, alt-country, and indie rock. 

The Winding Sheet (EP) 2007
A Miracle is Another World's Intrusion Into this One (EP) 2006
Thanksgiving (Single) 2006


Their smart, complicated rock stands in the tradition of such heavy pop thinkers as Lloyd Cole or Wilco
- Austin American-Statesman

Tristero proved that they do more than just imitate their musical heroes as they have created an organic style of their own...the band justified their original, meaningful lyrics, with their profound musical ability.
- The Cornell Daily Sun

Tristero's debut recording evokes the likes of David Bowie, the Fiery Furnaces and Can, all set in a Lou Barlow recording aesthetic, while carving a territory all its own.
- Graham Reynolds, Austin composer (Golden Arm Trio, A Scanner Darkly)

For information regarding booking, or anything really, contact: Jacob at or Maurice at

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