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A! This is me Tubit i hav been rappin for 7 yearz goin on eight and performin my art for 3 and a half yearz now its alll in fun thought but if i get signed i guess it will be good......? But i willl neva get caught up in tha hype of tha industry cause that would be stupid i aint no 50 cent or  any otha one caught in tha hype... Im Jus oin tha game for tha love i starrted writin wen i was thirteeen my first song record was wen i was fifteen and i hav been recordin ever since now im twenty goin on twenty one hell ya !!  I Hav One album its all rite i hav seventeen trackz on it and my next album has been in tha works for 2 yearz now tha reason its takin so long is i want it to top my first album for shure so i'm writtin getn in tha studio do what i do and workin with a great producer by tha of DOC of crossoverr productionz this guys beats are fiya fo sho. Keep a look out for my album comin in 2007... BTR Fo Life Crossoverr Fo Life im out...

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