Electronica, Power pop, Pop
From: Moscow, Russian Federation

Band Members

  • Boris Nazarov - musician
  • Danil Sadchenko - musician

About Band

UKW project.

It was founded in 1993 by Danil Sadchenko, Boris Nazarov and Oleg Pankov - three students of the Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs. During the following several years the project blossomed forth. It’s energetic, positive, naughty synthypop compositions had a great success and young musicians were invited to perform at the best venues and most popular events in Moscow. Danil, Boris and Oleg played at the opening of «4 rooms» night club, took part in «Generation» festival but despite of the abundance of music material the band did not manage to release a full album limiting itself to studio records and demo cassettes.

It’s worth noticing that the project was initially named «The answering machine». The name UKW was suggested to Nazarov, Pankov and Sadchenko by Arkady Marto in 1998. Soon after that the project’s early history came to an end. Boris and Arkady were successfully developing two new projects – «Moscow Grooves Institute» and «Detsky Panadol». Danil created his project named Dan Sad and even released an album.    

Musicians always stayed in touch and their creative collaboration never ended: Danil is the author of lyrics to such MGI compositions as «Twisted», «Mama», «Switch on your light». Together with Boris he recorded several demo tracks but none of them has been finalised.

In the middle of 2010 Danil and Boris decided to regenerate UKW project. They managed to accomplish this task quickly enough. At the beginning of December a video clip on a composition «My way» was shot (screenplay - D. Sadchenko, music/lyrics - UKW, clip director – S. Fedosov). A track named like that will definitely connote with world music classics and thus bind, oblige each performer. But these tough obligations are not noticeable in UKW video. The unique project possessing its own philosophy and point of view managed to avoid both constraint and pathos. «My way» clip makes you smile. And it’s likely that even great maestro Frank Sinatra would smile if he could see it. A simple story of a young man and his cat becomes charming and attractive thanks to good performance, high professionalism of director and scriptwriter and – first of all – great music: an original mix of brit-, electro- and synthypop with references to Erasure, DM, Duft Punk and Planet Punk but without any adoptions. Music with its own personality that differs from standard impersonal tracks often played in clubs, on radio and TV.

In 2011 UKW – now with a harder, but always vivid and dynamic sound - has presented to its fans a clip on «King of shadows» composition. It's also planning to release a single with remixes of several well-known compositions as well as a long-awaited debut album!

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