Ultima Ciudad

Ultima Ciudad

Ultima Ciudad

Alternative, Power pop, Rock
From: san juan, Puerto Rico

About Band




ULTIMA CIUDAD was founded in February, 17. 2006 as an idea of the young producer Emilio Perez with the help of his friend Luis Mendoza who met as coworkers at a clothing store in a small town in the east of the island of Puerto Rico.


Interested for some time with the idea of creating a musical project around Luis brother (Christian-lead vocal) who for years had stood for the quality of his voice winning talent contests across the island.   At last, convinced that he had something to work in their hands, Emilio decides to call some old friends from his adolescence: (Alex Lenn – lead guitar) & also (bass player -Mike Rodriguez), to inform them that he had something in mind, offering them to be part of a promising project, if they still had dreams and goals to achieve in music…, both immediately agreed and helped give identity and musical style to the band


 At the same time (Christian) had already spoken with his best friends from high school (Will De La Cruz – Drums) & (Jerel Gómez – rhythm guitar) to join them in pursuit of their dreams ... having their own rock band. 


After months of getting their act together, the bands started to compose their own songs at the end of 2006 and decided to test them at some venues.  Unusually the “original” songs were liked more by the people than the “covers”, making Emilio decide to star pre-production process of their first album with Alex Lenn and leave the cover band business.


During 2007, Ultima Ciudad begins to make a name in the underground rock business; a lot of people were in love with their songs and started to follow them as band across their different shows.  That same year UC decides to enter a recording studio to make some songs, they did it twice.


The first time they managed to record three  (si la ven, lo dificil and amor de cuerda) the second trip gave birth to (déjà vú, sola & veintiocho).  The main idea was to make those 6 songs an EP record so people star knowing them more and create some commercial buzz around their music.  But at the end they were not satisfied with the results, so they decided to start making their own home studio.


In January 2008, the Home Studio was almost finished, and Alex was named recording producer alongside Emilio. Both had to spend quite a time reading books, making studio tests and searching the net for examples and advice. After all, neither of them had experience recording before.




During the year many things happened to the band, recording sessions were not as easy as they though, people in the streets started some gossip that the band was finished, mixing band practice with a few live shows and some of the guy’s jobs days, was a mess.  After all, some frustration begun to reign in Ultima Ciudad minds, also because the songs were not projecting what they wanted.  Late in the year, things started to change and finally the album was rolling. 


After a few more album adjustments and some songs decisions were made, (Nomadas/Extranjeros) was scheduled for release on march 2009 by their own independent label De La Ciudad Records. 



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