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Songwriter/producer/rapper originally from ARK but now reside in GA. I've been writing since the age of 15, producing for about 2 years, and rapping for about 2 months as of 8/16/10. When you hear my music it may give you a feel of rap back in the late 80's and early 90's when it was more lyrically even for the the female rappers back then. I don't rap about sex and violence like the rap out now. I love rappers with lyrics with meaning so I strive to be one of those rappers. My dream is to one day be behind the scenes writing and producing music for other artist and maybe even management. I'm still in the learning process of being an artist and it may reflect with the music I put on my page, If you follow me you will see me getting better and better at my craft. My dream is open the door back up for female rappers or entertainers period that actually flow(RAP). There are many different sides to a women and as long as I've been listening to Hip Hop only one side has been showed and that SEX. There are other female rappers who just flow but for some reason they don't release albums much that's what I wanna change. Sexy has always been here I'm trying to bring back Pretty. I going to have a record label with nothing but pure talent on it and this is the beginning of me making history. Changing the world of Hip Hop thats why I say "United States Of Story". There's a black president in the White House now it's time for a change in the game for females in hip hop. Thank You, Story

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