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Unoosha started singing at a very young age. Her parents are music legends in Maldives. Her mom and dad used to rock the stages when music really began to evolve in the heavenly islands of Maldives.


The inter School Music competition back then was the number one show for upcoming and talented singers. It started way back and a number of great singers during this time evolved. Unoosha started off singing since she was 6 years old. She competed in every inter school competition and despite her great vocals didn’t win a place in the top 3 but mostly she made it in the top 5.


It all changed when she sang the Dhivehi version of "Careless Whispers" by George Michael on stage on her Eighth grade Inter School Music Competition. She won second place in the competition which proved to be the turning point. Next year she rocked the competition with the Maldivian version of "Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston. She won the well deserved First place and many offers started pouring in from the music producers to sing for audio albums. During the next 2 years she competed in the Inter School Music Competition She won 1st place in a row and became the first ever female vocalist to win the competition 3 times.


Her career blossomed, and she started singing for numerous albums. Her most desirable type of music is her own creations but it was restricted because she wanted to support her family.


 After a year since she finished the tenth grade she took up an offer from a local Music band called "AMAZON JADE" and worked with the band for 4 years. The main focus of the band was to play resort music, so she was on the move a lot. Her farther-like figure Mr. Naseer took care of her during the four years in the band and it was like losing a father for Unoosha when Mr. Naseer passed away in 2007. It will be a day Unoosha will never forget for the rest of her life.


 Her vocals and performance level boosted while she performed with the Amazon jade band. Unoosha and Amazon jade have had participated in a lot of shows held in Maldives and during the time with the band she even got a lot of offers to have an album produced for her by a number of foreign guests who were amazed with her singing. Now with more than 100 studio recordings to her name, each and every album which comes out in Maldives has at least a song by Unoosha.  After four years with the band she joined the National Center of the Arts (NCA) in 2008. Since then she has hosted a music show for kids, performed several times on national TV and a number of high profiled music events and festivals in Maldives. The work for her long awaited solo album is on the way.

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