Velvet Garden

Velvet Garden

Velvet Garden

Grunge, Alternative, Metal
From: Phoenix, AZ, United States

Band Members

  • Damon Johnston - Guitars and Vocals
  • Gary Loomis - Drums
  • Paul Peterson - Bass

About Band

Velvet Garden the all american hard rock grunge band from Phoenix Arizona formed in January 2009 between founding member, guitarist and vocalist Damon Johnston former Heart drummer Gary Loomis and Doc Frasier formerly of Three Fold Fate.Velvet Garden released their debut album Hell Springs Flames in 2009 with rave reviews.The bands second album 2010 release of Never brought major reviews and radio talk shows and airplay.The band has since relesed their 2011 album Subliminal Genocide.In 2012 the band released Get Born Again as well as Velvet Garden Greatest Hits album.Velvet Garden was signed to the manchester England indie label Stutter Records ltd. in 2009.The Label and Velvet Garden are looking forward to a renewed energy within Europe and the USA through 2012 to 2013 and beyond. The bands unique style and sound have been the direct result of their musical influences from such artists as Nirvana,Alice in Chains and the Stone Temple Pilots.Velvet Garden recorded and released their debut cd "Hell Springs Flames" in early 2009 which was recorded and mixed at Chaton Studios Phoenix Arizona and engineered by Otto D'Agnolo. In December 2009 the grunge band caught the attention of record executives at the Manchester England indie record label Swerve Records and were approached with an offer to sign the band to their Manchester England indie label as well as their U.S. label affiliate Stutter Records ltd.In 2010 the band returned to the studio to work once again with Otto D'Agnolo on the release of their follow up cd "Never" to be recorded and mixed at Chaton Studios Phoenix Arizona,engineered by Otto D'Agnolo,produced by Velvet Garden and released under Stutter Records ltd.

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