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Wassup!!! its ya boy  VEVE(Levar Williams) from Johannesburg, South Africa. Ive always had a passion for music regardless of the type of music. When i was younger i would take part in karaoke with my family rapping Coolio’s "Gangstas Paradise" and Bone Thugs  "Crossroads" which just came out at that time and were the 1st rap songs which i took into account. I always wanted to be a musician but never thought of putting work into it because i thought it was very easy to be a musician and get into the industry, but i was very wrong. It was only until 2007 where i realized my dreams has to be accomplished and work needs to be put in to accomplish it. No one at first wanted to help me, iv been criticized and discriminated but that only made me stronger, Iv been working very hard and working with alot of up and comin artists like Pastor Rapper,Dirty G, Meroo and Reme Johnson etc.Im also one third of a group called Hollow-Tips and completed a Album Called Orion's Belt. I started a Record label with the Help of my Fam and all the peeps i worked with called Straight Up And Down Records and hoping it will blow up and be a success one day...GOD IS LOVE


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