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At the tender age of seventeen he reigns supreme in the still underground artform of local freestyle rap. The talk is that he is so lyrically gifted he can put to rhyme any object or situation thrown in front of him not only with class and finesse, but with flawless diction and an effortless wit beyond his years. Its enough to make you stand up and toast his talent, whether or not you are a fan of hiphop. Lately his face, still bearing mommys milk as they say, is popping up all over the internet, enjoying favourable reviews. The young St Marys College student has also been featured on Synergy TV and CCM channel 3, and if the response of the media is anything to go by, may very well be the first son of the soil to take local rap to mainstream listenership. Born July 1st 1991, this swift-spitter whose real name is Ronald Verasammy, has been rapping since the age of six when a deejay cousin of his had him imbibing the likes of Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Nas and others day in day out. His stage name is a modification made on his middle name, Max, by a cousin on his wedding day many years ago. And he has an additional sobriquet one bestowed upon him recently by an awestruck audience at a private going away party Young god. Tupac has Machiavelli, Nas is the God Son, and Jay Z is literally J-Hova the Pope John Paul of Yall. They put me right up there with the gods of the rap game. They give me that name because they say I better than Weezy. Better or quickly getting there! For as he says in one of his songs Weezy couldnt rap like me at sixteen!!! At fifteen VMax took the Synergy Face Off Friday competition hands down, his craft carefully honed from thousands of practice hours, searching for right words, challenging himself to find lines for the most arbitrary things under the sun. Hailing from Santa Cruz, he remembers his little stint living in New York, being the young upstart other inner city rhymers would battle at Castle Hill Projects in the Bronx the same place Fat Joe grew up. Explaining his freestyle rap as essentially extempore put in fastforward, connosieurs of the artform will be elated to know that Vmax has taken his ability to the next professional level and is no longer doing it merely off the top of the dome. Dreaming produced by Beebo, a track about rising in the face of glaring obstacles, and The Need, articulating the artists impressions on modern day materialism, and produced by DLL have given eager hip-hop starved listeners out there a dose of what this young poet has to offer. Even more recently, in late March, VMax proved his rhyming prowess yet again, when he claimed Synergy TVs Spit Yuh Game freestyle championship, amidst bitter rivalry a win that came on the heels of a VMax Mix Tape featuring many freestyle rhymes of his something that could be a death sentence for any lesser freestyler entering a competition. Vmax was also featured on Gayelle The Channel, with a half hour long interview detailing his freestyle ability and sudden rise at such a young age. And all of this, mind you, while gearing up for CXC his countrys most gruelling secondary level exam! Yet all of this attention hardly seems to phase this young prodigy, who attends one of the top schools on the island. His first official music video (for a new single entitled All Day recorded by BEEBO at Highway Records) was released only weeks ago on SGTV and has been receiving good spins since. The video, shot and edited by RevolutionEyz Films, and directed by V2 Promotions alongside VMax management, comes complete with an introductory skit featuring the well-known local extra-lessons teacher, Mr Elder as well as a heart-warming end scene with the young artists mother, obviously a little in awe of where her sons never-ending aspirations to become a rapper have landed him, and her in their very own music video! Soon after the buzz surrounding the release of All Day, VMaxs new single began enjoying airplay on Caribbean Zone 107.9 FM, a station out in New Jersey, so impressed with the youngsters style that he was given a telephone interview live on one of their programs on June 1st and another more in-depth one is planned for June 6th. So the hype is real. As real as the exams VMax now finds himself in the throes of. But the promise of the aftermath is glory. He has already been given the okay by his Moms to leave the country after CXC exams to meet and greet in person the many anxious labels out there having their eyes on him. We wish him all the success in his exams. Keep your ears peeled for amazing things in 2010 from the one of the Caribbeans quickest and most creative crafter of words.

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Website: www.youtube.com/user/cicvmaxmusic

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