vomit whores

vomit whores

vomit whores

From: milton keynes, United Kingdom

About Band

Forged in 2003 after the death of the experimental mule that was 'Muggles'.
'Vomit Whores' grew from a two peice into a ferocious foursome consisting of groove,punk and heavy elements.
The 'Vomit Whores' stomp forward picking & mixing new and old elements to add to their unique,brutal yet approachable sound.

spewing out tracks like 'thunder of the yum-yum' 'brains' 'insects sewn under' 'heathens' and many more,and dealing with touchy subjects such as cakes,ninjas,zombies and ralph harris on top of a really tall building these guys are a little tired of how serious and standard metal has become
:-(  with most bands wanting to take their name from the title of a steven king novel or a horror film vomit whores took theirs from a pub conversation.
aswell as not taking themselfs to seriously they've taken a simple way of doing things with catchy rock riffs,groove bass,blistering industrial edged drums,max cavelera with a splash of punk style vocals and steared well away from the sound like whatever is selling approach

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