Rock, Pop, Alternative
From: Oslo, Norway

Band Members

  • Trond Rasmussen - Drums
  • Ståle Gilberg - Guitar
  • Mats Wennerberg - Guitar
  • Kjetil Gilberg - Bass
  • Arne Aasland - Keys / producer
  • Erlend Vesteraas - Vocals

About Band

What happens when five guys from different musical constellation, fuelled with willpower and conviction, come together, leave everything behind and introduce a concept of studio anarchy?

In Vonheims case this nourished a creative and groundbreaking period of music making, and the release of the bands debut album is now due. It’s fresh, it’s raw and it’s beautiful. This is rock music with an edge and a purpose. 

Through passionate discussions about music, though with mutual respect for each other’s talent and earlier musical projects, a dream of making a band together emerged. To make this come true everyone had to lay every card on the table – ideas, sketches, riffs, melodies, lyrics and so on. To make it work, everyone needed to think outside the notorious “box”. The band then contacted producer Arne Aasland in Sounderground Studios, and the framework for Vonheim was established.

Vonheims front man and lead singer is Erlend Vesteraas. His vocal abilities have so far been a well-kept secret. For a lot of people he is recognized as the bass player in bands like St. Morritz, Leif and The Future and Handful of Leaves. In addition to that, he has been widely used on stage and in studios by artists like Maria Solheim, Narum and Magne Furuholmen. The rest of the band consists of Mats Wennerberg (guitar), Ståle Gilberg (guitar), Trond R. Rasmussen (drums) and Kjetil Gilberg (bass).

After a year of song writing and recording in Sounderground Studios, Vonheims first album is now finished. The label Fashion Moves Music fell in love immediately, and now the game is on!

Vonheims first single “Breaking Out” will be released the 31st of March, and the debut album in the autumn 2014.

For more information and updates, please visit https://www.facebook.com/vonheimband

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