Waltah PPK

Waltah PPK

Waltah PPK

From: minneapolis, MN, United States

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Born and raised on the island of Trinidad. (Walter Alan Shields) aka Waltah PPK, vocalist/songwriter was involved in music from an early age.  Strongly influenced by his mother’s passion for music, he began giving performances as a pre-teen on the steel drum, piano and singing in choirs.

Waltah migrated to the US as a young adult, where he completed his college studies.  During this time the island of his birth had become infested with violence, corruption where many still fall victim to an unjust political system.  This turn of events called him to return to the stage driven and compelled to be a voice of awakening, inspiration and truth.

In 2004 Waltah was an original member of The Elementals, a local MPLS band that infused reggae, funk, rock and soul to create a sound that was new to the Minneapolis/St. Paul music scene.  Always delivering music with a positive message, the band gave performances with international reggae superstars Lucky Dube (R.I.P) and Yellowman as some of their most notable highlights.

In 2008 the Waltah PPK band was created.  Pocketed in traditional Reggae and Dancehall riddims and original lyrics, the message is clearer then ever.  Love, Equality and Justice.  A hip shaking collection of fresh songs, with lyrics that inspire the listener, packaged in a debut solo album titled “Love Above All”. 

Accompanying him are band members:

Ryan Ward (Fly Ry) - Guitar
Keith Raney (KMan) – Bass
Andy Deckard (Randy) – Drums

Together the band delivers passionate grooves that target the soul, move the body and inspire the mind. 

Waltah’s vision is simple and clear: 

"A world extraordinary with beauty, covered with compassion for bredrin and sistrin, where love supercedes all notions of envy, greed, anger and hatred. Where judgment is discharged from it's current rank, so that we can watch the line of division, simply disappear. The heart that beats as ONE is finally realized by ALL.”

                                                          www.myspace.com/waltahppk (2 hear more)

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