Rock, Alternative, Metal
From: Minsk, Belarus

Band Members

  • lex - vocals/keys/guitar
  • mi - bass-guitar
  • mike - guitar
  • Gul - drums
  • Stak - electronics

About Band

Weesp is the result of great passion for music, shared by Lex (vocals), Mike (guitar) and Mi (bass) since they were in high school. At first, guys were having fun, playing music in Lex's garage, performing covers on their favourite songs, and sometimes created their own, mixing various genres.
Gradually, the band has formed their own unique style: a mix of hard, yet fluted modes with modern trends in electronic music and expressive vocal tunes. The band have also been acquiring concert experience overtime. Having recorded the second EP («Taste of Steel») in 2009, the band has finally announced its name – «WEESP».
Despite the success the band has faced in the beginning of their journey, the team members have been changing throughout the time, mainly drummers. The mess around the band’s drummers finished only by the beginning of work on the next EP, when Gul joined the band. Also, as the electronic part of the music was becoming more and more complicated and significant, especially in live shows, Lex just couldn’t bother handling it anymore, so that is when Mi’s twin brother Stak jumped in.
Weesp have already performed at numerous concerts and festivals, including those in Baltic countries and all over CIS. The band has recorded three EPs and released two singles, all of which were a great success. Also in August 2015 Weesp released their first full album The Void, which features few tracks done in collaboration with Cory Brandan from Norma Jean. Not only is Weesp famous for the high quality of records for a DIY-band, but also for the outstanding show they do at the concerts. A number of articles in related magazines emphasize on the drive and energy the band are spreading over the crowd when performing.
In January 2016 Weesp had The Void tour in Poland and Czech Republic, Currently, the band is working on their second album.

2008 - Ep2008 (vol. 1)
2009 – EP: taste of steel
2009 – single «Exodus: origins»
2011 – EP: this will destroy us
2011 – single «Our own gale»
2013 — single "Caves unplugged"
2015 — single "Murderers"
2015 — single "Solar Empire"
2015 — album "The Void"

Official videography:
2011 – Omen (The Prodigy cover)
2011 – Livan
2013 – "Caves unplugged"
2013 – "Our Own Gale" (lyric-video)
2012 - "Sub"
2015 – "Murderers"
2015 – "Solar Empire"

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