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Genre: Experimental Rock (Experimental Style)
Hometown: Seattle, Washington

We are "Whipped" Created in Seattle February 2006 now reside in Everett Washington Have completed a 16 track demo album Intitled "Whipped". Which include experimental rock tracks, a jazz song and spoken word tracks, The band now includes Eido and Shannon Eido is a accomplished musician who plays all of the instruments and writes some of the lyrics Eido is a M.I. graduate. Taught bass guitar and lived in Japan for 7 years. Took up drumming in 2000. Played in the coolest clubs in Japan, Arizona, and Seattle. Jammed with Stanley Clark, Scott Henderson, and others. Eido is also a visual artist. Has shown internationally. Visit his art work at: www.poodlepublishing.com . Shannon sings and writes some of the lyrics and music. Accompanies Eido on the solo piano pieces. Shannon has preformed at some of the coolest clubs in Seattle with her band Amazon Ant. Has released a c.d. "Out of the Hole" available at c.d.baby.com. Shannon is also a visual artist. Has shown in many venues in Washington. Her art work can be seen at www.shanstuff.com. Like the way they think about visual art, They like to think of music as self expression and collective expression from the group. Rhythm and form is always present. They do not necessarily feel a song has to be verse chorus verse to be considering a song rather they enjoy exploring the experimental avenues of song form We have currently started to record our second demo album "For the Planet" with 5 song completed. We are currantly looking for musicians to join us so we can play some live shows and tour the planet. To listen please go to: www.myspace.com/whippedtheband or http://www.garageband.com/user/Wh



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