Wicked Cripple

Wicked Cripple

Wicked Cripple

Experimental, Indie
From: Lancaster, OH, United States

About Artist

Wicked Cripple is a voice of the unwell.  It could be a disability, mental issues, or just a feeling of distress everyone has, but is afraid to say it out loud.  Wicked Cripple is also a story teller. Some of them totally off the wall plain out fiction, others are not.  Have you ever had to be polite to someone that you would just rather staple a note saying ASSHOLE on their forehead?  Wicked Cripple can do that ... in the lyrics.

What Kind of Music Wicked Cripple plays?   It's hard to put it into a genre.  It's not entirely rap, nor is is it Rock, pop, etc.  It's not Hip Hop, though WC does ryhme, it's just Wicked Cripple.  WC does like the horror aspect of ICP, and Twisted. So I guess they are a big influence, but also Jerry Reed, and Johnny Cash are just as big of an influence.

So crank up your I-pod, Car Stereo or just hit play on the Unsigned play cart. and wonder .. W.W.W.C.S.?  (What would Wicked Cripple say?) 

**NOTE***   Wicked Cripple is a Fictional Character.  The Voice of the Un-Well.  .... And Wicked Cripple DOES talk in the 1st person. ( to separate the Artist from the Character).


Now before all the haters complain of the use cripple ... i can say it.  I am (enter whatever label here ( Disabled, handicap, Gimp, cripple .. Doesn't matter) ) :P so there.  I do use a wheelchair at times, and always use forearm crutches.  Born with Spinal Bifida, My Birth defect has given me a slightly twisted view of life. What doesn't kill you, pisses you off.

The single "Stalker" is the first of about a 6 song EP that i wrote in Salisbury NC. At first, it wasn't written to be played the way i did it, but hearing ICP for the last week, I was inspired.

I will constantly be tweeking Stalker, my first song done with Fruity Loops.    I wasn't sure what Genre it would fall in, so Expiermental it is.

This dang page has spell checker, but doesn't work right.  Arghhh. 

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