WIsdom Supreme

WIsdom Supreme

WIsdom Supreme

Hip-Hop, Rap, Hardcore
From: Georgetown, Guyana

About Artist

WISDOM SUPREME is a hip-hop artist currently living in Guyana, South America with street credibility in Toronto, Canada. Wisdom Supreme was abandoned by both of his parents at the age of 4 and spent the next 8 years battling child abuse, abandonment issues, lack of self esteem, amongst many other hardships that he had to face as a child. At the age of 11 a brutal attack by a trusted family member got the attention of the Canadian Embassy and he was sent to Toronto to be united with his parents and that is when his life as a player in the streets began. From petty street robberies to full fledged home invasions, dime bags of weed to running his own cocaine organization, slaps on the wrist to 8 year penitentiary bids. While incarcerated Wisdom Supreme studied over 50 self help/inspirational/motivational books from authors such as: Robert Greene, Sun Tzu, Robert G Allan, Wilhelm-Banes, F.J. Lennon, George Clanson, Niccolo Machiavelli, Rhonda Byrne, Joseph Robinson, ect. He's defended himself in The Canadian Supreme Court with favourable results. Now at age 27, Wisdom Supreme lives as a deportee in his native country Guyana. With the whole of North America out of bounds for his physical presence, Wisdom Supreme now realizes his life’s mission. As it s well known that a prophet is not respected in his home town he now pushes to make his movement GLOBAL. His mission is simple: To enlighten minds and to teach cowards courage while giving people great music to listen to. LISTEN WITH YOUR CHEST!!!

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