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The following songs are part of my first solo project.

Before that I made a lot of experiences as  the bass player in different bands.

Hard Rock, Jazz, Pop and ...sorry.... Entertainment-Music (I needed the money)

I have many influences from several great artists, my favourite musician is still

the one and only Martin Barre. His three solo albums gave me a lot of inspirations.

My songs are simple, I recorded them at home with the Boss digital-recorder BR 600

without much technical effects, but with programmed drum sounds.

The only exception is the song "Oriental Intercity", a kind of Retro-Jazz-Rock of the seventies.

 Please listen to the drums, played by my old music-fellow Gerry Asmus. We played together

in many band projects for nearly twenty years and still it`s great fun with him.

The song was recorded in Gerry`s studio in Bonn, so it sounds different compared with the

others.   Hmm.. as you may think, I`m not the youngest anymore.

With the age of 43 I don´t think that there are great chances becoming a new popstar-hero, but

I hope you will enjoy my small pieces of home-made acoustic music. Please tell me about that,

many thanks, Eddie...



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