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WydeFrame, born Christopher Kesee, was born February 5, 1987 in Vernon, Texas.  Though WydeFrame’s current music genre is hip-hop music, he enjoys all musical genres.  He has experience writing for different genres such as country, pop, and hip-hop music. WydeFrame has always enjoyed writing hip-hop music; recently he’s focused his efforts  towards Hip Hop to forge ahead with his music career when he showed his musical talents to business associates.    WydeFrame has a strong presence on the microphone, versatility, and ability to tell stories with his words, makes him an undeniable MC.  With WydeFrame’s relentless hustle mentality and deep-rooted motivation, he is sure to make a name for himself in the music world.  WydeFrame already has a large volume of original songs that are ready to hit the airwaves.  He released his first Mixtape “Dollaz Over All”, January 19, 2014 with great reviews. WydeFrame and his team is pushing three singles “DFWY”, “So Ashamed”, and "Loud Pack".  WydeFrame is a solo hip-hop rap artist that started writing and recording music as a sophomore in high school with a child hood friend who formed a group called “Texas Strife”.  WydeFrame recorded a five song CD that was untitled and started selling his cd’s at school with good reviews from his peers. At times WydeFrame would engaged in lunch time freestyle sessions that aided in the molding of his current musical style.  WydeFrame then joined a local group in Vernon, Texas called “CrossTown” who allowed him to establish his word play and lyrical presence.  WydeFrame decided to carry his musical talents to Atlanta, Georgia in 2005.  He later participated in the YouTube contests such as the: “Klassic Cypher ” where he won top 24, he also participated in and won the “Problamo” YouTube Contest.  With never ending support from his wife, Aliyah Kesee in 2008 she assisted him in becoming a more serious artist by purchasing his own recording system giving him full creative control over his music. To this day WydeFrame still has that creative control and still records himself.          WydeFrame has a bright future in the music industry.  He plans to make music his life-long work.  With Relentless Hustler Ent. fully behind him and his Manager, Etienne (Steve) Clenor, accepting nothing less than his best, WydeFrame has formulated a good team around him to make his push into the Hip-Hop Industry and beyond.  

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