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Aubrey Tyrell Watkins born on December 16,1992 in St.Louis. He moved from St.Louis to Las Vegas from Las Vegas to California from California to St.Louis at age 9 he attended Jackson Elementary on the Northside of St.Louis. He has 6 siblings making him the second oldest out of sisters and brothers. Most people in Young A's school life knew the problems he faced on a regular day at school. All the students that knew him threw elementary & threw middle school knew he was a trouble maker and had a anger management problem meaning he can explode at any moment. Age'd 10 he was expelled from Jackson Elementary for fighting. He then went to a school called Patrick Henry Elementary were he also had problems but not many when he start learning how to control his anger. The rest of his school days were just fine untill the unthinkable happend.


He and a couple of friends and his cousin was out at night just playing around messing with people untill one of his friends pulled out a lil fake hand gun. He says they were just playing around with it when he and the other approached a man asking for the time they pointed it towards his way and start making crazy statements like "give me yo watch". Too make a long story short the man had called the police then a few minutes later Young'A and every one was being put in handcuffs and put in the back of a patywagon. Finding themselve's locked down in a local juvenile detention center for 30 days for attempted robbery. Reasearchers say that teens under 18 are the ones to most likely not succeed in life. He says while he was in there he did alot of thinking about what he was goin to do and what he wasnt goin to do. So February 9,2006 he is released into full custody of his parents. He is out and finally on the right track so one day he and his cousin made up a group just playing around then we started rapping and he thought to him self maybe this is me. So he found out it was actually him music is his guiding light right now music has kept him off the streets. He says "You know how rappers say if it wasnt for music they'd probably dead or in jail well its actually true making music occupies your time and can be a hell of a job". Now Young'A has did alot in his time and he says its time for him to express himself.


He now is continuing his rap career at age 15. Young or not but this kid has alot of fans He also talks about how much he loves his fans and has made it easier for them to contact him on a daily bases by teaming up with SAYNOW.COM which they gave him a number to use and it goes on. He is currently workin on his first album with [YNC]. [YNC] is a label that he has signed to. YNC Which Means "Yungest N Charge" Is Gonna Make A "BIG" name for themselves in the future of the industry. To take steps further in this industry. He and 2 others are on the label and has already made a name for themselves. Young A stands out from others (EVERYONE) He says in school right now till this day alot of people say Im to good for them. No its not that its just the fact that Your to good for me. My Life Isnt Perfect But he expresses himself towards girls in music and alot of expression comes out of this kid.


Next year in 2009 near spring he is suppose to be droppin his album "Young Boss MUSIC". Which also stands out because he consider himself as fly, no other can compete. So a word to all his fans stick with the kid and things will happen in the future

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