Yung Mott

Yung Mott

Yung Mott

Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap
From: Birmingham, AL, United States

About Artist

Yung Mott who real name is Matthew Mott, was born June 21st 1988 to Tiwanna McNeily. Growing up in a tough area of Birmingham, Alabama, Mott learned a lot in Eastlake “Da Bay”. Mott two oldest brothers Corey and Reginald taught him a lot from fighting, hooping, playing football, hustling, to just about everything. Growing up Mott seen a lot at a young age raised in a single parent household, Mott brothers and uncles played a big role in his life. In 1999, Mott lost one of his best friend, his Granddaddy Rev. Lonzey McNeily to cancer. Another loss that hurt him bad was when his little brother Devin Taylor passed away at his birthday party. One of his role models his Uncle Mike was busted with drugs and currently doing fed time and also his older brother was busted with drugs and is currently doing fed time. Being without people he was raised with made Mott a stronger person. Besides music Mott is helping raise Corey 4 children. 

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