Electronica, New-Wave, Other
From: Rome, Italy

Band Members

  • Phenix - Bass, Synth, programming, Guitars, back and leading voices somewhere
  • Io - Guitars, synth, programming, lyrics, back and leadin' voices somewhere else

About Band

We began in the early 2004 as an 80es wave band, publishing a remix of our "Toy Box"with Antibe Music.
In the same year we made our first album "Greatest Hits 2004-2005" (It was our best of even because we've never done somethin' before...yes we have a sick sense of humour).
During the next 3 years we worked as arrangers for pop band (as Ground Zero...the first unsigned band in Italy with over 200k visits on myspace...near to a contract we hope) and punk pop ones (like Fading Memories...a great potential, we think). In the meanwhile we began exploring new sound...ended up in our new ep "BUGGED KARMA"...

Now we have a lot of proposals, but music is tough and music biz is cruel so we don't bet on anything...just playin' music we love...

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