Metal, Progressive, Jazz
From: Las Vegas, NV, United States

Band Members

  • Drew Morris - Guitar/Vox
  • Dustin Rudy - Guitar/Bass
  • George Gevorkyan - Percussion

About Band

Originally comprised of Zach Hix, George Gevorkyan, Dustin Rudy, and Connor Duffy (as a temporary musician) , under the name of Symbolic, Zodiac began it's musical journey in 2010. Zach advocated a band name change, and decided to call the band Hollow Moon later that year. Due to musical differences, Zach downing a bottle of Malibu in three days by himself (like a bitch), and the fact that Hollow Moon was a gay name, Mr. Hix went on to play in a band comprised of sexually confused 30 year olds. Dustin invited longtime friend Drew Morris to a practice in mid 2011, who brought along Ryan Delgado. Thus Zodiac was formed. Due to his financially destroying addiction to cough drops, Ryan was forced to leave in early October to concentrate on repaying his 458 dollar debt to the IRS.. Zodiac is currently holding auditions for bassists and keyboard players, as they move forward on their path to glory.

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