Metal, Electronica, Trance
From: Pécs, Hungary

Band Members

  • Bencsik 'Becse' Gergely - programming, vocal
  • Eckert Attila - Guitar
  • Norbert 'Cannibal' Fülöp - Guitar
  • Monoszlai Betti - Drums
  • Rab 'Kraaken' Attila - Bass

About Band

Our music is a mix of different electronic-musical genres with different branches of heavy metal. In this underground production, behind the energetic and pretty unfriendly music work the thoughts of a cruel and an even more likely vision.
ZUD gives us insight into a possible vision. Its basic question is: where is humanity heading, and for how long can humans be considered humans considering today's technical development? The basic theme is built around the "Machine Born", when the human soul is given the opportunity to exist in a new form. We are trying to find answers to what will go on in people's souls and how this would affect humanity. What tools would the most ruthless race on this Earth choose to alter its environment when existing in the form of steel and silicon instead of flesh and bones?

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Website: https://www.facebook.com/zudband

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